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The Hoppy Acre is a small farm located in Amagansett, NY. We grow hops for beer and peppers for our Springs Fireplace brand hot sauce and salsas.

All of our hops, peppers, and produce are grown on the East End of Long Island, NY. We are proud members of NOFA-NY and in the process of receiving our organic certification.

Our Columbia hops, 2018

Our Columbia hops, 2018




A tried and true workhorse hop that can be used for both bittering and aroma in the brew process by  adding a mild citrus flavor.  Best in Pale Ales, IPA, Porters, and Wheat beers. Alpha Acids:  5.5%  Beta Acids 5.0%


An almost forgotten hop that was developed by Budweiser but lost its starting role to Willamette.  This hop adds an aroma filled with crisp pineapple, bright  lemony citrus notes – strong but not as powerful as a Chinook.  Best used in lighter beers or when seeking a crisp finish (sound familiar) but try it out any way you like. Alpha Acids:  13%  Beta Acids:  4.0%



Hailing from the Northwest this beauty thrives in the Northeast as well..  The Willamette hop has been used by craft brewers for years and for good reason, it adds a well balanced aroma that is mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, little earthy. Alpha Acids:  not available for 2018


A variety from New Zealand we have decided to experiment with, this high alpha aroma hop has notes of citrus, lemon peel, pine needles and spice.  Very good in IPAs and has an excellent oil profile allowing it to be used both an aroma and bittering hop. Alpha Acids: not available for 2018              

All I wanted was a beer and I ended up with an acre...
— Some Genius

our Chili peppers

In 2019, we are growing 16 different types of peppers. These range in heat from the mild Habañada to the very hot yellow Scorpion pepper. We choose our varieties based on the unique flavor of each pepper and are happy to talk more about these beautiful fruits. For a complete list and wholesale purchasing, please send a note via the contact page below or DM us on instagram @thehoppyacre. Peppers are available for sale in late July.


Springs Fireplace Hot Sauce

Our Springs Fireplace hot sauce brand brings unique flavor to your palate and is guaranteed to enhance any dish you serve at parties or at home. Below are our three varieties currently for sale. All have been received with great views and we encourage you to try for yourself. Not sure what you want? Let us know and we will be happy to help you choose.


Tesuque  $14

Pronounced tuh-SOO-kay, this traditional pepper has been cultivated for generations by the people of the historic Tesque Pueblo in New Mexico. You can taste it’s beauty as the mild heat builds with every bite. Heat index: 3 of 5

Aji Peach $14

Unlike other fruit hot sauces, our Aji Peach is not sweet but brings the aroma and light flavor of peach with the citrus taste of aji limon and the balanced heat of the famed Aleppo pepper. Heat index: 4 of 5


Green Fermented Sriracha $14

Our Green Sriracha is fermented for eight weeks, creating a complex and unique flavor that slowly develops on your palate. Spicy, garlicky, and slightly sweet, this probiotic sauce is good on everything. Heat index: 3 of 5


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Like our hops?  Want something hot?  Maybe just want to come to the farm and lend a hand?  Send us a note and we'll get right back to you.  Thanks for saying hi...